Other Things

These are some other projects I've been doing


This is a solo electronic music project of mine in which I play live sometimes

Maeshowe: Softness Live Set Tech Run May 10th, 2019

This is a pre-show tech run of a live set I created. I later performed this as a Maeshowe live set for the Vancouver Low Frequency Festival, Softness event at the James Black Gallery on May 11th, 2019.
This live set was built around the theme of softness, and so I focused on more mellow/ambient aesthetics. The performance setup is an interactive system that incorporates trombone and live electronics. This system was built in Ableton Live and MaxForLive which also generates melodies and harmonies at certain points throughout the set. I improvise over the different sections, with trombone, synth, and tape loop elements to add a variety of textures.
The visuals were done on a separate laptop that is triggered by cues sent over an ethernet cable fed by the music system. The videos are manipulated by a Max8 jitter patch that generatively changes colour saturations and playback. The video footage was originally taken by Ben Wilson.

Dark Dials

I'm in a band. I sing and play synth with some really cool people. Here's some of our stuff.

Today Was Tomorrow

These are more of my musical experiments that I add to occasionally